This year we are learning Japanese!

Try learning some of the language here.

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... or try here...
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Last time Room 5 studied Japanese (2012), Alex Burling & Jade Martyn wrote these notes...

What we have learnt:

We all now know the 3 different ways of saying hello in Japanese and know how to write A and I in Hiragana
Ohayoo Gozaimasu = Good Morning
Konnichi Wa = Good Day / Hello
Konban Wa = Good Evening
Onamae wa nan desu ka = What's your name?
Female Response = Watashi wa [name] desu
Male Response = Boku wa [name] desu
(The u in desu is silent so it is said des)
Japanese is a challenging language to learn with 4 different types of writing.

Hiragana - 46 simple characters that represent the basic sounds of Japanese

Katakana - 46 simple characters that again represent the basic sounds of Japanese but are used for words borrowed from other languages

Kanji - More complex characters adapted from the Chinese Writing System

Roomaji - Which this is written in (The English Alphabet)

Hiragana Symbols:


Katakana Symbols:


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