We are learning to sing waiata with harmonies...have a listen to E Te Ariki and see if you can pick the harmony part that the woman is singing...

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He Honore.png

Ukulele tutorials
We are learning to play ukulele. There are lots of links on You Tube and you can also find chord charts and tuners on-line.

Try these links to get started:

The next You Tube clip shows different fingerings for the chords of C and G, but had 10 easy songs to play...

We are learning to play Junkanoo on a range of instruments:Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.15.33 pm.png

Junkanoo - with vocals

Junkanoo - instrumantal

Junkanoo - classroom instrumental parts

Symphony Orchestra
We went to a schools' performance by the NZ Symphony Orchestra.
Have a look at this slide show...how much do you know about orchestras, instruments, composers and classical music?

NZSO resource.png

Class Songs
We aim to do class music every morning with instruments and people singing.
We like using music from "On a High Note".

On a High Note 1

On a High Note 2

Justin Bieber - Cold Water
Cold Water - Vocal version

Cold Water - Instrumental version

Build us Back

SFS Kids

Musical Mysteries

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