I love the way You Tube clips often make science fun and interesting. Look at these science experiments...you have probably done them before...and think about how the movie was made to get viewers interested.

You could make a movie like this!

Science Week is happening at schools across NZ in Term 2, but why not try some of these activities and share them with us in Room 5... any time during the year?

Remember, good scientists are curious, inquisitive, observant, and love finding out. They are good thinkers, and work methodically. When you share your experiments, will we see that you have these qualities? (Click the pdf below to see some great experiments)


Try these websites too...

Science Learning

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Science Kids NZ

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BBC Science

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Thinking of doing a Science Badge?
Scientists are curious, have a thirst for knowledge and love investigating.
By doing a Science Badge, you will get to learn lots in an area that interests you, and you will be able to practise your INDEPENDENT, THINKING and Self-Management skills.

Try looking here for some ideas.Also try the Science Kids NZ site for Science Topics or Science Facts

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Antarctic Studies -

In Term 4 we will be looking at the work of scientists in Antarctica.
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Click here to

Wainui Camp - Science focus

Our camp at Wainui in April 2012 gave us the opportunity to learn about these Science topics:
Living World:
  • Birds on Banks Peninsula
  • Marine life around Akaroa Harbour
  • Rocky Shore plants and animals
  • Native trees on the Peninsula
Planet Earth:
  • Geology and formation of Banks Peninsula
  • Rock types and volcanoes
  • Erosion and changes in the landscape
  • Moon and Tides

Here are some websites we found to be really interesting and informative:

Joel: Extinct animals - Moas and Haast Eagles
Click here to see a video showing what it must have been like to live in the days when Haast Eagles were in the South Island

Hiria: Moon and Tides

Click here to see how the Moon affects tides on Earth, and why we get specially high tides about twice each month